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Moonlight viewing

It could make people feel better emotionally depending on the weight of the pain in your chest. How could it make you peaceful when maybe your making assumptions out of a situation someone just could not write just to make you understand why the view of the moonlight ain’t giving them same peace you getContinue reading “Moonlight viewing”

Does a soul have a lock

I don’t know but probably it does have! Surprisingly unlocking the soul could be a walk in the dark tunnel hoping for lights at its end . Which certainly happend to be another walk in the dark tunnel again,because most of the walks are done by just one person no matter how many you areContinue reading “Does a soul have a lock”

The hows

Who knows why our lives are certainly the way they are? What could be possible to make other people around you ,understand the kind of game everyone is playing each day!? Would it be easy to live a life without “how?” but i guess with alot of events,it just happen that the hows exist withContinue reading “The hows”

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