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To know better is a process that take different shapes in our lives. I have been accomodating different shapes in this vacuum body of mine. And I finally atleast perfectly found a good one for fits. I want to keep it that way and through wars I know I won’t lose it. Enjoy the reads


I am waking up to this quiet and silent morning With only shiny drops on the grass’ first approach Because outside is the first place I’d be when I wake up to confirm my full God given chance to smile again So I think of ‘what’ a change this is?! And I remember that whateverContinue reading “Changes”

At The peak.

When you finally realize your greatest weaknesses And decide to turn them into beauty of the thorns It makes you become the Jericho walls That are never gonna break and just wait to be fixed The outcome of managing your weaknesses is such a win of a tough war. Happy smiles and joy is aheadContinue reading “At The peak.”

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